Alliance For a Uganda Without Orphans

We are a national movement committed to ensure that every fatherless and vulnerable child in Uganda belongs to a loving family. AUWO unites a network of 2300 local churches, dozens of local non-governmental organizations and individuals. Families are encouraged, equipped and empowered to rescue children from orphan-hood to family working closely with the probation officers. Click here to read more

We Believe

  • Every child was created in the image of God to belong in a loving and caring family.
  • Orphaned children have a right to belong to family again as Christian families take action inspired by biblical adoption.
  • In Kinship care and foster care   

From 2.5 Million(UNICEF) to NO orphan!

  • Orphan Sunday was celebrated in 2300 local churches from 16 districts of Uganda in 2015.
  • Domestic adoption by Christian families is growing.
  • Weekly radio programs on 2 FM stations  

The Gospel speaks God’s love, true Christians live it.

AUWO Initiatives

The three strategic radical shifts that AUWO initiatives work for:-

  • From orphans to sons and daughters
  • From institutional care to family based care.
  • From helping orphans to preserving families.